k e l l i  c l e v e l a n d

cajun girl through and through | has the best husband in the world | collector of beautiful things | curator of hobbies | tennis shoes and gym clothes| can cook like a four star chef but always burns the bread | loves her doggie children | loves her human child also | is forever curious | believes that we should never stop learning | works in organized chaos | thinks she can dance | consumer of meches donuts | afraid of heights | can pack a suitcase like no one’s business | believer in dreams | loves her kindle | drinker of coffee and whiskey

Kelli Cleveland Studios Miami Photographer

Kelli is an artist and photographer originally from Lafayette, Louisiana that is now based in Miami, Florida. While she has been painting, designing and drawing her entire life, her fascination with photography really began during her college years at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Founded in 2016, Kelli Cleveland Studios is a full service photography and photo editing  studio where Kelli’s bright and playful images become family heirlooms. The retail side focuses on a range of products for the home, such as prints and photo books.

With each project and design, Kelli’s work is always about capturing the immediacy of expressions through color, shapes and most importantly subject matter.

In our shop, all of our products are carefully sourced and hand-made in the USA. She cares deeply about making products that are not only beautiful, but also high quality so that you can enjoy them for years to come!

If you have a project or inquiry about working with me, please call or email.